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Our diverse, dedicated team is at the nexus of our platform’s success. Bringing together our different backgrounds, we’ve managed to build a flexible tool that players worldwide can use to discover the best online casinos and special offers available today. We are your number one destination for finding where to have the most enjoyable gambling experience playing Gates of Olympus!

Get to Know Us

Hi there!

We understand that safety and comfort come first when choosing a company to trust. Nobody enjoys being in business with strangers, especially when it comes to industries that touch upon your finances in any way. That’s why we wanted to tell you a bit more about our team and our approach to what we do.

At first glance, our staff may seem like we have nothing in common. Some of us are developers or designers, while others are marketing experts by trade. Plus, we come from all corners of the world. Nevertheless, we’re all united by our fascination with casino games. We’ve been casino enthusiasts for a while; but discovering online casinos was a game-changer for all of us.

With many years of hands-on experience, we know what makes for a good casino game. What’s more, we understand player psychology and what you’re looking for in a casino. Together, we use this knowledge to select amazing online slots that are fun and enjoyable, as well as to identify the best online casinos where you can play them.

What’s Our Company’s Vision?

Our product is rather unique and we’re not ashamed to say it! We are not just another casino. As players ourselves, we understand that there’s already so many companies out there that it’s hard to pick one as it is. Having many opportunities is great, but it may become a problem when you’re paralyzed by the vast ocean of choices before you.

No, our goal is not to make choosing even more difficult. Quite the opposite! We built a platform to help you narrow down your selection and focus only on the casinos and games that are worthwhile. 

We’ve achieved this by first narrowing down the criteria that we believe make an online casino trustworthy. Our company has partnered with businesses which:

  • Have valid licences from trusted regulators that show they have the right to offer betting services;
  • Can meet the needs of their player base, as proven by a large number of overwhelmingly positive reviews online;
  • Carry successful, high-RTP online slot games such as Gates of Olympus;
  • Are easy to use and offer 24/7 customer support for their clients.

Moreover, we continue to research the gambling sector day in and day out. Thus, our list of esteemed partners frequently expands. We update it each time we discover a new reliable partner or an exciting offer we think you’d enjoy. 

What’s more, we want this service to help as many people as possible. That’s why using this platform is completely free for everyone!

Who’s in Charge of Our Marketing Team?

We wouldn’t be where we are without the hard work of every single member of our team and the steady leadership of our brightest experts. As the adage goes, teamwork makes the dream work! 

Though our team is multi-faceted and getting gradually larger, we want to use this opportunity to highlight the individuals who play a central role in making this platform a useful tool for bettors everywhere. 

Michael Rose

Michael Rose


Michael really loves games. His favourite kind – the ones where he can come out richer than he started! He’s always been passionate about winning, and he takes his gambling very seriously. There’s no better man to ask about the latest slots in development, the best RTP and bets to choose, and how to keep your cool, whether you’re winning or losing. What’s more, he’s tried it all and can tell a good casino from a bad one in a heartbeat!

Judy Haynes

Judy Haynes


Judy doesn’t play when it comes to matters of the coin. Or rather, she plays – to win! She’s been in and out of most Las Vegas casinos, and even worked at some of them before joining our team. Judy knows the ins and outs of the industry, both as a player and as a casino representative. Her reviews always take both points of view into consideration, resulting in the thorough evaluation of each casino that comes to her attention.

Our Headquarters and Culture

Our office is a very special place. From the get-go, we knew that we didn’t want yet another stuff corporate structure, with an equally stuffy, boring office, the likes of which we’ve all worked in at some points of our careers. 

No, the cornerstones of our office culture are fun and flexibility. So, we built a multipurpose office where we can collaborate, learn from each other, and have fun together while we do it! 

Our workspace features an open-plan office, with people claiming and swapping desks freely to add fun and diversity into their workflow. In addition, our ‘conference room’ where we do our weekly meetings is comfy and loaded with soft furniture and snacks, and does not have a central table in the middle. Instead, the space is open and dynamic to keep everyone at ease. It’s not an accident that it doubles up as a playroom and a relaxation zone!

Of course, the building where we’re located also features handy facilities that our staff can use free of charge. These include a gym and a library (yes, with books!), a private daycare, and a canteen where all employees can get home cooked-style meals at a discount. 

But that’s not all! We know the lives of our staff are not constricted to this office. That’s why we aim to support them when they’re outside of it too. We fund further professional development, with team members freely applying for courses and seminars they wish to attend. Furthermore, we also offer competitive parental leave packages and additional healthcare (including dental) for staff and their families.

After all, our team is at its best when everyone’s happy, healthy, and well taken care of!

Find Us Here!

Can’t visit our office? Worry not! You can stay up to date with our company’s developments if you follow our social media channels below. What’s more, you can also reach out to us directly via the Contact Form on this website if you have any further questions about our company and services.

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