Gates of Olympus 1000

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Get Zeus on your side and spin the reels of fortune in Pragmatic Play’s new and improved Gates of Olympus 1000 slot! This brand-new release takes everything you love about the original game and supercharges it with up to 1000x multipliers and a much higher maximum win for even greater profits. Play it at the elite online casinos we’ve picked for you!

Intro to the Gates of Olympus 1000 Slot

Explore the epic mythology of Ancient Greece in the revamp of the fan favourite Gates of Olympus 1000 slot. The thrill is even more incredible, thanks to multiplier symbol lands bumped up to 1000. You can score unprecedented big wins if you are lucky enough to get Zeus’s blessing and that fantastic multiplier symbol hits!

What’s more, the upgraded game has further supercharged your ability to walk away with an amazing profit by increasing the max win from 5,000 to 15,000 times your bet. Talk about generosity! 

As in the original game, four or more scatter symbols landing will still trigger a free spins round. There, the tumble feature and random multipliers still apply. Without chipping away at your deposit, the free spins round can still result in a never-seen-before win when all those multipliers add up.

How does it all work in practice? Hit up the Gates of Olympus 1000 demo to get to know all the winning symbols and combos! You can find it directly on our homepage.

Gates of Olympus 1000 Demo & Overview

  • Developer: Pragmatic Play
  • Release date: December 2023
  • Outline: 6×5
  • Paylines: Any position
  • Volatility: High
  • RTP: 96.50%
  • Multipliers: Yes, up to 1000x.
  • Max win: 15,000x.
  • Free spins round: Yes.

You’re welcome to test the Gates of Olympus 1000 free demo to get a feel for the game before betting real money. If you feel ready, however, you can also jump right into the fray in one (or more!) of the dependable online casinos recommended on this page. But if you’re not ready, the trust Gates of Olympus 1000 demo is waiting right here for you!

Gates of Olympus vs Gates of Olympus 1000

Gates of Olympus 1000

At first glance, these two Gates of Olympus slots appear pretty similar. They use the same six-by-five grid and identical multiplier symbols. If you already know the crowns and gems of the original slot, you will be right at home in its newer version.

You can think of the Gates of Olympus 1000 slot as the sequel to, or rather, the upgrade of the first game. All features players know and love from it are still here. Nevertheless, the newer slot ups its potential for big wins by extending the max win to 15,000 times your bet!

In the original Gates of Olympus slot, players could win up to x5000 their wager. In other words, the maximum win possible in the newer slot is three times higher than in the older version.

What’s more, the game’s beloved multipliers have also been improved, as you can see in the Gates of Olympus 1000 demo. Previously, Zeus could use his thunderbolt to grant players a random multiplier value of up to 500. These add up within the same spin to multiply the player’s winnings during the round.

In Gates of Olympus 1000, the maximum multiplier is… You guessed it, 1000! Thus, with multipliers that go twice as high and a staggering 15000x max win, the Gates of Olympus 1000 slot is potentially a lot more profitable than its predecessor. 

If you want to explore their differences for yourself, we encourage you to head right into the Gates of Olympus 1000 demo to try out the new version.

Where To Play Gates of Olympus 1000

Ready to discover what the best casinos are that offer Pragmatic Play’s newest slot? We have just the right selection for you! All companies featured on our site are top-rated casinos with valid gambling licences issued by the responsible gaming regulator in the countries where they are active. You are guaranteed to receive the proper treatment, respect, and reliability from any of these companies.

In addition, each casino we’ve picked out offers various types of Gates of Olympus 1000 bonuses. Whether you wish to give the game a go without making an investment, get extra free spins, or increase your deposit, we have a diverse selection of today’s hottest deals. Remember that even if you use up a bonus, you can always come back and claim another!

Winning Strategies for Online Slots

Can you ensure Zeus will rule in your favour and make those mouth-watering 1000x multipliers drop on your spin? As much as we’d want that to happen for you, sadly, there is no way to ensure that it will. Gambling games keep things exciting thanks to their unpredictability, after all. They’re all about luck – you never know when your big win might come.

Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean that there aren’t a few essential tips you can follow to make your Gates of Olympus 1000 gameplay that much more satisfying. Below, we’ve summarised all the expert advice you’d need to take your Gates of Olympus game experience to the next level!

Gates of Olympus 1000 slot

Master the Gates of Olympus 1000 Demo

We’ve said this before, and we’ll say it again: before you play Gates of Olympys for real money, it’s best to learn the rules. If you don’t want to read a dry list of instructions and stare at a multiplier symbol table, your best bet is to explore the Gates of Olympus 1000 demo.

This special free play mode doesn’t require real money. Instead, it simulates the game using in-game currency that isn’t real. As a result, the Gates of Olympus 1000 free demo is perfect for getting to know the slot. It can give you a proper taste of what its mechanics feel like. 

In fact, even the volatility and win ratio in the Gates of Olympus 1000 free play mode are the same as in the live version of the game. Thus, you can experience the Gates of Olympus 1000 RTP even in free play mode.

Spread Your Bets

The Gates of Olympus 1000 game is a high-volatility slot. This means that wins happen less frequently but may be more significant in volume. For this reason, making more separate bets means you are statistically more likely to win. 

So, if you have prepared 20 euros to spend on this slot today, instead of placing just two bets of 10 euros each, you might want to space these out. Go for smaller wagers – the minimum bet in the game is just 20 cents, meaning you can spin the reels 100 times with that deposit.

Claim a Gates of Olympus 1000 Bonus

Another way to extend your playtime is to have more funds available. But if you don’t want to add too much money to your account, we recommend going for a Gates of Olympus 1000 bonus!

Bonuses are an excellent way to boost your account balance. Typically provided in percentages, they will match your deposit. For example, a 300% bonus on a deposit of 50 euros will actually result in 50 + 150 = 200 euros in your account. Imagine how many spins that could buy you!

If you want to explore what Gates of Olympus bonuses are currently trending, head over to our Offers page. We always keep a fresh rotation of active deals you can claim.

Note that when you claim a bonus, it may change the wagering requirements of your online casino. Make sure to read the T&Cs carefully.

Use Gates of Olympus 1000 Free Spins

Other than increasing your balance with deposit bonuses, you can also claim free spins. These are literally free turns at the game that won’t touch your deposit. 

Many of the online casinos we recommend on our site offer a Gates of Olympus 1000 free spins bonus. The number of spins granted may vary, so take a look at our current selection for more up-to-date info.

In addition, you can trigger free spins in-game by placing a 100x bet. This mechanic is common in many Pragmatic Play games and ensures that at least four scatter symbols land on your spin, thus sending you into the free spins bonus round.

Avoid Player Traffic

Casino games are about chance. But what is chance if not statistical probability? To ensure games are fair, their developers embed them with RNG code that determines how often each combination of symbols can appear on the reels. Thanks to this algorithm, slots also have a return-to-player ratio that remains stable over time.

We’re talking about the Gates of Olympus 1000 RTP here. The game has a return ratio of 96.50%, meaning that for every 100 euros players spend, 96.50 euros is paid back as winnings. However, this number is usually calculated over thousands of spins, so it may not be as straightforward as it sounds.

That being said, the key here is that the Gates of Olympus 1000 slot has to maintain this ratio. So, whether a million people are playing at the same time or just a few hundred, the RTP stays the same.

Thus, if you tune in at less busy times (late at night, early morning, etc.), you have less competition for those odds. Again, no strategy can guarantee you a sure win, but the odds are in your favour with fewer bettors around. 

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