Gates of Olympus™ Slot

Have fun with Pragmatic Play’s popular Gates of Olympus slot! Get free spins and other hot bonuses at top casinos today or play the game for free by checking out the Gates of Olympus demo below.

What Is Pragmatic Play’s Gates of Olympus Slot?

Are you ready to start playing one of the most beloved online slots in recent years? The Pragmatic Play Gates of Olympus slot was an instant hit ever since it was released in 2021. With an impressively high RTP of 96.5% and a captivating adventure theme that takes you back to Ancient Greece, it’s one of the most favourite games in online casinos worldwide! But don’t take our word for it – try the Gates of Olympus demo above for free or claim one of our free spins offers to play live!

Have fun with Pragmatic Play’s popular Gates of Olympus slot! Get free spins and other hot bonuses at top casinos today or play the game for free by checking out the Gates of Olympus demo above.

Game Info

Title: Gates of Olympus
Developer: Pragmatic Play
Type: Video Slot
Theme: Greek mythology, legend
Compatibility: web, mobile 
Published: 2021


Reels: 6
Rows: 5
Paylines: 20
Lines pay: Both directions
Minimum bet: 0.20
Maximum bet: 100


Free spins round: ✅
Tumble: ✅
Multipliers: ✅
Scatters: ✅
Free Demo: ✅
Volatility: High

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Gates of Olympus Slot: Everything Worth Knowing

This highly popular slot game is a permanent fixture in any self-respecting online casino’s portfolio. But what makes the Gates of Olympus slots so special?

First, it’s worth remembering this slot was developed by Pragmatic Play, one of the most ambitious game companies that rose to stardom in the last decade. Additionally, this slot’s fun mythological theme, high RTP, and user-friendly mechanics made it an instant hit among players. We break down the reasons why it’s such a fan-favourite below!

If you can’t wait and wish to try it for yourself, you can always scroll up to play the Gates of Olympus demo for free. Or even better, you can test your luck in real casinos by claiming one of our exclusive no deposit bonuses or free spins promos!

Gates of Olympus

Credible Developer: Pragmatic Play

Although this company can’t quite call itself a veteran yet, it’s no longer a newcomer either. Pragmatic Play has been shaking up the online casino space for close to a decade. It aims to bring a fresh take on classic casino games like slots, roulette, or sports betting, always adding a fun little twist in the process. 

And what’s this studio’s signature move? They love going all-out with the theme, committing to the fullest to their chosen concept. Plus, the focus on making high-RTP games whose jackpot potential makes them extra enjoyable. 

As of 2023, Pragmatic Play has succeeded in getting its games into casinos that operate in over 20 markets internationally. Slowly but steadily, it’s building a reputation of a reliable game developer that understands player psychology and knows how to make your time in a casino worth it.

Other beloved titles Pragmatic Play is known for like: Jewel Rush, Lamp of Infinity, Sweet Bonanza, Big Bass Splash.

Fun, Easy to Master Game Mechanics

Online slots have always been a hit with players. Similar to their mechanical counterparts, these games rely purely on your luck and take no skill to master. That’s why there’s no need to worry about a learning curve! All you need to enjoy the Gates of Olympus slot is a positive attitude and some free time to spend in the casino of your choice.

Okay, but how do you play the game? You just need to press the button to spin the six reels. They have different multiplier symbols on them that you can study in the table we provide below. 

Alternatively, you can also check them out in the free demo up on this page. In fact, we recommend you start with the Gates of Olympus demo regardless to see whether this game’s up your alley! 

The slot’s multipliers pay in any position, as long as you hit certain counts. For example, you need at least 8 of any of the regular symbols to get a reward, or 4 of the special scatter symbols. You can even win some free spins this way!

As you can see in the Gates of Olympus demo, some of the symbols are random multipliers. Like their name suggests, they will multiply your winnings by whatever number you get, from 2x all the way to 500x!

What’s more, the Gates of Olympus slot has an automatic tumble feature. Thanks to it, all winning combinations are cleared away and new symbols flood the screen on the same spin. As a result, you may land on new combos on the same round, bringing you even closer to a big win!

Plus, everything’s made even better by the additional free spins bonuses you can claim by using our platform. If you search for a casino through our terminal, we’ll automatically select the most generous offers available to you in real time to help you enjoy your favourite casino games for a few more rounds for free!

High Reward Potential

You’ve already heard us mention it: this game has a high RTP of 96.5%. But if you’re a newcomer, you might not know what that means exactly. Don’t worry – it’s super simple!

RTP is the abbreviation of “return-to-player.” In the most basic sense, it measures the readability of a game. An RTP of 96.5% means that 96.5% of all the money players paid to spin the reels gets paid back as winnings. And who doesn’t like winning?

For this reason, it’s always good to select an online slot with an attractive reward ratio. At 96.5% and a high volatility, you may win big even if you only play this slot for a short while. 

Nevertheless, keep in mind that an RTP of 96.5% doesn’t mean you’d win 9.6 out of 10 times. This number is measured over a very large statistical sample, sometimes over 100,000 rounds of the game. So, it may not be a super accurate predictor of how the game will go for you. Still, it suggests this online slot can potentially lead you to score some remarkable wins in a short time, as long as you’re lucky. 

Ready to chase that thrill? Check the time-limited offers at our partnered casinos below if you wish to play Gates of Olympus for real money!

Online Slot Tips and Strategies for Beginners

Are you new to this whole online gambling ordeal? If you’re not sure where to begin or how to approach playing casino games online, we’ve put together a set of helpful tips that may considerably improve your betting experience. 

Come Prepared

The number one thing you need to do before you start playing in online casinos is to look into the game. Make sure you understand the rules, the win conditions, and whether there are any strategies you can use to your advantage. More often than not, there won’t be any, as the beauty of gambling is that it’s a game of chance. Still, it wouldn’t hurt to do a little research in advance!

As for the Gates of Olympus slot specifically, we recommend giving the free demo a go. The demo is free to play, it doesn’t require any money, and it will give you an idea of what the game feels and looks like. You can also

o claim one of our free spins bonuses before you go. Simply scroll up to start playing!

Try Casino Hopping

Why limit yourself to just one online casino? There are so many options out there! Each company has its own unique offers that make using its services special. So, we recommend switching things up and trying different casinos.

What’s more, your bonus or Gates of Olympus free spins offers may run out in one casino. At the same time, you can always go back to our site and claim new deals at casinos you haven’t played in before. This way, you never have to play without a bonus and will always have an extra ace up your sleeve!

Don’t forget that if you get tired of playing the game for money, you can always have some harmless fun with the Gates of Olympus free demo at the top of this page.

Keep a Clear Head

Gambling is best enjoyed on a clear head. For this reason, we recommend that you don’t partake in any substances that may tamper with your decision-making abilities. 

Aside from staying sober, it’s also good to avoid playing if you’re in a bad mood. Feeling under the weather can also cloud your judgement and lead you to make decisions you wouldn’t have made otherwise.

Have Fun

Most importantly, it’s worth remembering that gambling should be all about the fun. Yes, you can and probably will win some real money in the process. But that shouldn’t be your main objective when you walk (or log) into a casino. 

If you view online betting as a way to earn money, you may be in a great deal of trouble. Casino games are by nature completely random. There’s no strategy you can rely on to ensure wins, and if you focus on the money too much, you’ll lose sight of what really matters. What’s that? Having fun, of course!

That’s why we highly recommend trying the Gates of Olympus demo. It’s fun and free and can satisfy your betting cravings just as well as the real thing!

Big Wins With the Gates of Olympus Slot

gates of olympus video 1
gates of olympus video 2
gates of olympus video 3

Gates of Olympus Slot Multipliers & Rewards Table

Are you ready to learn about the symbols that make this online slot unique? We have a detailed breakdown of all the different multipliers in the Gates of Olympus slots in this section. Moreover, we’ve also included the payout info for each symbol. You can see how much each multiplier is worth based on the number of lands. That would give you a good estimate of the possible winnings players enjoy when playing this slot for real money.

If you want to learn more you can check out our detailed post Unlocking Bonus Features: Gates of Olympus Gameplay Tips or you can just play the Gates of Olympus demo to see these symbols in practice or check out the Blog section for more information.

Gates of Olympus Free Demo 

There are many solid reasons why we’ve provided the free Gates of Olympus game demo at the top of this page. For once, it allows you to master the game without using any funds at all. While gambling may be all about taking a chance, Gates of Olympus free play via the demo wouldn’t cost you a dime! It’s like infinite free spins – no risk, pure fun.

In addition, the Gates of Olympus demo also allows you to enjoy infinite rounds of the game when you don’t feel like making a deposit. Or, if you’ve run out of funds and wish to stick to the basic rules of responsible play, free play mode is the best way to go.

Thus, we highly recommend you check out the Gates of Olympus free demo above. Enjoy playing the game while making no deposit whatsoever and master it without risks!

What Devices Does the Gates of Olympus Slot Support?

Are you an on-the-go player who likes killing time in online casinos on their daily commute? Or perhaps you enjoy playing games on your PC, all cosy in your home office. Whatever the case may be, you can enjoy the Gates of Olympus game on any of these platforms. The game is fully compatible with both desktop computers and smartphones (or tablets).

As for the Gates of Olympus demo, rest assured that it works in the same way. In other words, the free demo supports the same platforms. Thus, you can enjoy Gates of Olympus free play mode with no deposit on both your computer and your phone!

A Note on Responsible Play

Playing casino games like the Gates of Olympus slot can be a very exciting and emotionally rewarding activity. This, in turn, may result in a condition that resembles a psychological addiction to betting, sometimes known as gambling disorder. Although this condition does not affect everyone, it is essential that you familiarise yourself with the early signs of compulsive gambling, so that you may prevent it if you feel like it may be happening to you. You can learn more about practising proper gambling hygiene and the prevention of gambling disorder on Help Guide and NCPG, among other resources. If you wish to enjoy the game with no deposit to keep things risk-free, you can always play the Gates of Olympus demo above.

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