Unlocking Bonus Features: Gates of Olympus Gameplay Tips

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To help you get a taste of those delicious wins, we'll explain how to trigger free spins and other winning symbols in Gates of Olympus slot.

Pragmatic Play’s newest Greek mythology slot game is attracting an increasing number of players every month. With its fun theme and possibilities for huge wins, everyone wants to reap the perks of playing a slot with a staggering 96.5% RTP

Of course, we all know the real jackpot wins come from triggering the free spins bonus and aligning the winning multiplier symbols. So, to help you get a taste of those delicious wins, we’ll explain how you can trigger free spins and the rest of the winning symbols. Let’s do it!

Gates of Olympus Symbols Explained

Before we can explain how you can trigger the various bonus rounds, we need to get you acquainted with the game symbols Pragmatic Play carefully designed for this game. Otherwise, how do you know which symbols to keep your eyes peeled for?

Symbols and Payouts

  • Zeus Scatter: Who better fit the powerful scatter symbol than Zeus himself? Four of the grumpy-looking, all-powerful Zeus will award you $9 each, and this increases to $15 for five and $300 if you manage to align a total of six. And yes, that’s $300 per Zeus head.
  • Crown: Fit for kings or demigods, the crown is the highest-paying symbol, of course, and awards $30 if you land between eight and nine and $150 for twelve to thirty of these!
  • Hourglass: This luxurious symbol will give you $7.50 if you align eight or nine of these, and it goes up to $75 for twelve!
  • Ring: The ring icon rewards depending on the total count of symbols you land, starting at $6 up to a maximum win of $45.
  • Cup: Similar to the Ring symbol, the Cup will give from $3 to $36, depending on the total symbols.
  • Ruby: The first in a series of gems, it awards from $3 to $30.
  • Amethyst: The second most valuable gem, worth between $2.40 and $24.
  • Topaz: Based on your total lands, this yellow gem will give you from $1.50 to $15.
  • Sapphire: Your most modest lands will give back from $1.20, whereas twelve and over will give you $12.
  • Emerald: The lowest paying of the symbols awards $0.75 per piece.
  • Random Multipliers: There are four magical orbs with intricate golden frames – these are your multipliers. The multiplier value depends on how many you land, starting at x2.
gates of olympus symbol 1

x6 $300
x5 $15
x4 $9

gates of olympus symbol 5

x12-30 $36.00
x10-11 $4.50
x8-9 $3.00

gates of olympus symbol 2

x12-30 $150
x10-11 $75
x8-9 $30

gates of olympus symbol 6

x12-30 $30
x10-11 $4.50
x8-9 $3

gates of olympus symbol 3

x12-30 $75
x10-11 $30
x8-9 $7.50

gates of olympus symbol 7

x12-30 $24.00
x10-11 $3.60
x8-9 $2.40

gates of olympus symbol 4

x12-30 $45
x10-11 $15
x8-9 $6

gates of olympus symbol 8

x12-30 $15.00
x10-11 $3.00
x8-9 $1.50

gates of olympus symbol 9

x12-30 $12.00
x10-11 $2.70
x8-9 $1.20

gates of olympus symbol 10

x12-30 $12.00
x10-11 $2.70
x8-9 $1.20

You can earn a total multiplier value of x500. You also don’t need to match them by colours – happy days!

Gates of Olympus Bonus Features Guide

So you have been playing the Gates of Olympus slot but haven’t encountered a bonus round? Don’t worry. Chances are, you’re not doing anything wrong. Some of the magnificent Gates of Olympus additional features may take some time to experience.

There are numerous chances to win big here. With a total of four exclusive features, you’re in for a real treat. Let’s take a peek at what awaits people who are committed to playing the game:

Tumble Feature

Pragmatic Play is famous for including a tumble feature in their games. If you have no idea what it is, worry not. In essence, the tumble feature makes winning symbols disappear to make way for more icons to pop up on the reels. This means that with a single bet, you have double the chance of getting some winning combinations. Each time you get a win, the process will repeat, creating a tumbling sequence!

Multiplier Feature

If you’ve already played the Gates of Olympus slot in demo mode, you’ll probably notice Zeus standing on the right-hand side. Well, he’s more than just a static backdrop. Watch him to life at random as he triggers the best feature of this game. 

He will unleash an orb into the reels to give you a multiplier symbol! If that manages to trigger one of the pay lines with other multipliers, you can get a random multiplier value between x2 and x300! The best part? These multiplier symbols can join in with the tumbling sequence and award you jaw-dropping earnings!

Free Spins Feature

While we love tumbles and multiplier symbols, we have to confess the free spins bonus round is our favourite. Why? Well, it basically gives you opportunities to experience all other features. And who doesn’t like a freebie? Pocket a staggering award when you align four, five or six Zeus scatter symbols. Not to mention, you also trigger free spins! 

Any multipliers you already see on the reels will increase the value of any multiplier orbs that land. This simply means that the multiplier may increase during the bonus free spins.

And yes, you may also experience limitless free spins! You’ll receive an additional five free spins if you land three scatter symbols on the same spin. If you get one or two retriggers, the increasing multipliers can really make your game worthwhile!

Ante Bet Feature

The ante bet feature is another tool to make your game really interesting. You have the option to increase the cost of your bets by 25% and enable the ante bet multiplier. In turn, you will experience double the scatter symbols on your reels and, therefore, twice the chance of encountering more free spins during your gameplay. Perhaps our biggest game tip for this slot will be to try and enable as many free spins as you can, either from this feature or the one we describe below.

Our #1 Tip

Some of Pragmatic Play’s slots come with the option to buy a bundle of free spins in-game. This can be a fantastic way to increase your chances of hitting winning combos. Alternatively, you can head over to our home page and sign up for one of the numerous trusty casinos we recommend and enjoy a free spins bonus from them! 


Well, that’s a wrap! We hope you got to understand the unique bonus features in the Gates of Olympus slot. Remember to get your hands on as many free spins as possible, and watch those symbols tumble!

Frequently Asked Questions About the Gates of Olympus Gameplay

Do you need some more tips on the Olympus slot online? Worry not. We gathered the most popular questions from the community. Take a look at some popular questions on the topic of Gates of Olympus below:

How Can I Improve My Gameplay at the Gates of Olympus Slot?

By reading our blog post and being here, you’re already on the right track! Our best advice is to give the Gates of Olympus demo a go and try to trigger a bonus round. You can get a feel of the slot and discover how you can trigger the various features.

Are There Any Shortcuts to Unlocking the Bonus Features?

Sadly, no. But while there aren’t any shortcuts, following the tips in this guide can expedite your process. And remember – just because you’re on a bad streak today doesn’t mean you won’t get lucky tomorrow.

What Should I Prioritise When I First Start Playing Gates of Olympus?

When you first start playing, bet small. Try to get to know the game first before you decide to increase your bet range. Once you are sure you know how the various bonus rounds work, you can begin to increase your stake. 

However, do not go over your budget. This should be your golden rule – stick to a predetermined betting sum and don’t go chasing after any money you lost. Remember that, above all, you are playing this game for fun, and losing is part of the process.

Do I Need to Spend Real Money to Unlock the Bonus Features?

While you can experience any bonus round when you play Gates of Olympus for free with dummy funds, you won’t be able to claim any winnings. You need to bet real money to reap the benefits of the slot game’s bonus features!

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