Mastering Gates of Olympus: Top 7 Tips for New Players

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Want to become an expert at spinning the reels of this game? Stay tuned to find out our top mastery tips for the Gates of Olympus slot game!

The mythical and captivating game by Pragmatic Play, Gates of Olympus, presents an unmissable chance to enjoy hours of entertainment. This slot, which features a 6×5 grid, takes players to the summit of Mount Olympus, where the powerful Greek deity, Zeus, awaits them. 

As a high volatility slot with a 96.50% RTP, Gates of Olympus is a potentially lucrative option for eager gamblers. With a range of features, bonus symbols, and bet multipliers, this game provides plenty of opportunities to win. 

But, even in a game of chance, is there a key to securing wins? Although you can’t guarantee a profit from slot games such as this one, there are still actions you can take to enhance your overall playing experience. Stay tuned to find out our top mastery tips for the Gates of Olympus slot game! 

Top Beginner Tips for Mastering Gates of Olympus 

Want to become an expert at spinning the reels of this enticing slot game? Look no further! Here are the top seven tips every beginner must know when playing Gates of Olympus: 

  1. Read the Rules 

It may seem obvious, but many newcomers forget to read the rules of a slot game they’re interested in playing. Although slot games don’t require any skill per se, you can still benefit from becoming fully acquainted with their rules. This will not only ensure you make use of available features and bonuses but can also increase your overall enjoyment.

By understanding each of the symbols and their values, you can eagerly watch them fall after every spin. For example, the ‘crown’ is one to look out for as 8 of these symbols can land you €20, whilst 12 results in a huge €100 payout! Even if you’re a player who prefers to enable the auto-spin feature, knowing which symbols to look out for will help you become an expert at the Gates of Olympus slot. 

You can discover all symbols and their values by clicking the ‘rules’ window on the bottom left of the slot.

  1. Manage Your Budget 

Although it can be incredibly easy to get swept away by the allure of Zeus and his mighty slot, it’s vital to remain grounded and stick to your budget. Even master slot gamers have a budget that they manage when spinning the reels. A budget will help prevent you from overspending and ensure you retain financial control during your gambling sessions. 

Additionally, having a clear budget can keep your emotions in check, which can significantly reduce your stress. This also encourages better decision-making and ensures you have the best possible experience when playing. Plus, without a budget, players are typically more prone to chasing losses. Of course, when setting a budget, always consider your financial situation. You can learn the top tips for setting a gambling budget here.

  1. Practise First

To stretch your budget as much as possible, we recommend slipping in some practice before diving into the real game. Playing this slot with dummy funds allows you to gain a deeper understanding of its mechanics without any risk.

You can find the Gates of Olympus demo version on the official Pragmatic Play website. This demo will give you unlimited dummy funds to use to your heart’s content. You’ll then have a chance to navigate the game and check out all the available features in action. After you’re done using the demo version, you can head to your preferred casino to try out the real deal. 

  1. Buy Free Spins

Buying and playing free spins is one of the top ways to increase your chances of winning big at this slot game. Although you can trigger free spins at any time when playing, you can choose to buy them instead.

With Gates of Olympus, players can buy free spins for 100x their total bet. After you make this purchase, the free spins round will instantly begin. If, during this round, you encounter scatter symbols, you’ll be in the runnings to trigger even more free spins! 

  1. Bank Your Wins 

If you want to make as much profit as possible when playing this slot, you must consider banking your wins. Whenever you get lucky and land a win, you should place some of your winnings aside rather than reinvest them back into the game. This ensures that at the end of your gaming session, you’ll walk away with a profit. 

For example, if the almighty Zeus grants you good fortune and you win €100, it’s recommended that you set at least €50 aside. The remaining €50 can contribute to your budget, so you’ll still have enough funds to continue playing. Even if you dry up your budget, we suggest leaving these extra funds alone, at least until your next gaming session.

 When determining how much of each win you want to bank, it’s helpful to consider your casino’s deposit requirements. Some casinos require you to rack up a set amount of value in wins before you can make a deposit. So, if you want to withdraw your winnings from Gates of Olympus, you must ensure you meet your casino’s specific conditions for doing so. 

  1. Utilise Available Features 

Taking advantage of all the features Gates of Olympus has to offer can help extend your gameplay time and even raise your chances of making a profit. Thankfully, this slot has plenty of interesting features to keep you entertained. Although most are triggered randomly, it’s still important to keep an eye out for what’s available when spinning the reels.

Top Slot Features 

Here are the top features and special symbols for Gates of Olympus: 

  • Free Spins Bonus –  Rather than buying free spins, you can rely on triggering them. To trigger free spins, you simply need to land four or more scatter symbols. This can grant you 15 free spins and a payout of up to 100x your bet. Each scatter symbol contributes to the total multiplier, so players who land on even more symbols can receive up to five extra spins at a time. 
  • Tumble – Those who land a winning combination will activate the slot’s ‘tumble’ feature. This feature destroys all symbols that are a part of the winning spin, allowing new ones to fall in their place. This feature will continue for as long as there is a winning combination on the reels. As expected, this can rake in plenty of winnings for players. 
  • Multiplier Symbols – This slot has four multiplier symbols that can randomly land on the reels. Each multiplier symbol sparkles in either red, green, purple, or blue and can provide a bet multiplier of up to 500x. When a multiplier symbol lands on the player’s screen, they will win the total multiplier value. This means that multiple symbols can be present at once, quickly adding up to a huge win. 
  • Ante Bet – Also known as the ‘double chance’ feature, Ante Bet allows players to increase their chances of receiving free spins and the other bonuses mentioned above. Players have the option between a 20x and a 25x bet multiplier when activating this feature. 
  1. Make Use of Promotions

Finally, if you want to stretch out your budget and receive exciting bonuses, keep an eye out for casino promotions. Many online casinos offer various promotions, such as free spins and deposit bonuses for both new and returning players. 

Rather than endlessly searching for special offers to use when playing Gates of Olympus, you can access the best of the best through our website. From deposit and withdrawal bonuses to high rollers and welcome bonuses, there are plenty of freebies and tremendous prizes to get your hands on!  

Just remember to read the T&Cs of the casino you’re thinking of joining before making any commitments. Some platforms have hefty wagering requirements or lay out strict conditions for utilising their bonuses. In other cases, some offers are only available for select games. But, if you do manage to land a free spins bonus or another online casino promotion and if luck is on your side, you’ll be able to use it on the Gates of Olympus slot. 


To recap, even in a luck-based game such as Gates of Olympus, there are still steps you can take towards becoming a master player. From activating bonus features to taking advantage of promotions, this article has addressed the best ways to increase your chances of making a profit.

So, what are you waiting for? Zeus’s impatience is growing, and you don’t want to get on his bad side, right? Dive in and start playing the one-and-only Gates of Olympus now! 

Last updated on November 22nd, 2023 at 11:15 am

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