Gates of Olympus Casino Tips for Consistent Wins

gates of olympus

Unlock winning strategies for Gates of Olympus. Learn how to optimize gameplay for tremendous prizes. Play smarter, win bigger!

Are we right in thinking you want to play Gates of Olympus and snatch as many wins as possible? No doubt that’s why you’re here. Are you wondering if there is a guaranteed way to grab great prizes? Well, there are several things you can do to optimise your gameplay and enjoy some tremendous prizes!

First, allow us to explain what goes behind the curtain and how casino slots like Gates of Olympus award wins.

Is There Such a Thing as a Guaranteed Win?

All casino games, including table games and slots, will feature random number generator software (RNG). This is a mandatory requirement that ensures games are as fair as possible for players, and this software also helps mimic real-life randomness. RNG dictates how a game distributes wins, with each spin being independent of the other. 

Therefore, you won’t be able to employ strategies like the Martingale. Doubling up on your lost bets would normally make some difference, but not here. Due to RNG, there’s no way you can guarantee a win.

So what can you do instead? Start by taking a look at the game design and all the symbols and winning boosters that the provider decided to include. The sooner you familiarise yourself with the gameplay, the better you will become at playing the game.

Furthermore, we advise that you head over to our homepage, where you can test the game for free! Our free demo is identical to the real money slot game, and you can experience the same volatility and RTP as the actual game. All you have to do is click “Play Demo for Fun,” and the slot game will load for you.


When you are ready to play for real money, take a look at the game’s RTP. Is it high? That’s good news. It means that a more significant percentage of your wins will return to your pocket while playing, and that’s what RTP stands for – return to player percentage. For Gates of Olympus specifically, the RTP is 96.50%, which is pretty high. 

To determine the RTP of a game, testers stake hundreds of thousands of dummy bets to come up with an average sum based on the results. This means that if you play the Gates of Olympus slot short-term, you might encounter low RTP. Generally speaking, it’s always a good idea to play slots with an RTP above 95%.


The next thing to look at that will help you understand the game is volatility. It shows us how often a game pays out and how big its rewards are. Gates of Olympus is a high-volatility title. In essence, you will receive less frequent wins, but when you do, the amounts should be larger than in games with low volatility. 

The question is, how does information like volatility and RTP help us get consistent wins? Well, running as many spins as possible will help you battle the high volatility, so make sure to make the most out of your €20 or whatever sum you choose to bet. Separate it into small amounts to play as long as possible.

Chase the Winning Boosters

There are three winning boosters you can encounter that Gates of Olympus’ developer Pragmatic Play. These are the free spins bonus rounds, tumble feature, multipliers, and ante bet feature. Keep your eyes peeled as these award the most jaw-dropping prizes:

Free Spins Round


Keep an eye on the scatter symbols represented by the face of Zeus. Just a combination of three will give you 5 free spins rounds, and four scatter symbols can reward you 15. You may land up to 6 scatter symbols. That’s not all you will get from them, however. You can receive an additional multiplier booster, ranging from three times your bet to a staggering 100 times your stake!

Tumble Feature

Some of the newest slots from Pragmatic Play include this winning booster, which can help you blast your way through success. Any time you align a winning combination, the winning symbols will tumble off the reels like an avalanche. 

The empty positions they leave are automatically filled with new icons, giving you more potential to win big. In essence, you receive twice the chance to win with a single bet! There is no limit to how many tumbles you can get as long as you keep winning, which means you can experience a tumbling sequence!

Ante Bet Feature

This unique buy feature of Gates of Olympus will double your chances of getting scatter symbols. And you know what that means? Twice the chance to receive free spins and incredible multipliers. You can enable the ante bet feature from the left sidebar, which works as a bet multiplier and will automatically increase your stake by 25%. So, if you adjust your bet to €1.00 initially, it will turn to €1.25. Not too bad for that increased winning chance, right?

Multiplier Symbols

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Even though multiplier symbols are present in every slot game, it’s worth noting that Gates of Olympus adds an exciting twist to this feature. At any point, Zeus can come to life to the right of the reels and toss a multiplier symbol into the mix. Depending on the number of multiplier symbols you have altogether, you can receive a total multiplier value up to x500 for your stake.

Enable Buy Features

Now that you know the most important winning boosters in Gates of Olympus, we can begin to reveal the best methods that will help you land consistent wins. The most lucrative thing you can do is hope that you see scatter symbols land and trigger free spins. Free spins award you various opportunities to spin the reels without paying anything, which adds to your chances of getting winning symbols.

Aside from the antebet feature, which can be an affordable way to add more free spins bonus rounds, you can enable the unique “Buy Free Spins” option. Just above the ante bet multiplier, you will find a small toggle that you can switch on.



It will award you 15 free spins for the cost of x200 your stake. All these free spins can help you get scatter symbols landing and any other symbols. Overall, this will bring you several steps closer to a winning spin. Moreover, one free spin bonus round can unlock another, creating a series of opportunities to enjoy enormous prizes.

The key here is to also enable the ante bet, which, combined with free spins, will leave you staring at the screen with your jaw on the floor.

Gates of Olympus Big Win Chances

Let’s take a look at some statistics – what are your chances of winning huge prizes? According to our calculations, the chances of winning big are the following:

  • The odds of winning a jaw-dropping x1000 your bet are 1 in 45,591 spins.
  • The odds to win the grand prize of x5000 your bet is 1 in 697,350 spins.

Therefore, the more times you spin, the bigger the option to win! Additionally, you can also get x500 your stake from multipliers if you are lucky to land a multiplier of x500!

Our Conclusion – How To Get Consistent Wins at Gates of Olympus

Most online casino slots will give hints about how you can receive better wins throughout your gameplay. In Gates of Olympus, this means you should employ the ante bet multiplier and take advantage of the free spins buy feature. That way, you will get 15 free spins rounds and double the opportunity to land more spins throughout these. This can massively affect your winning options and is most likely to let you stumble into consistent rewards.

Aside from the x5000 win and x1000 win, there are also smaller prices that will be worth your attention, so don’t underestimate them. Keep an eye on the multipliers and cross your fingers that you see as many of these as possible. The multiplier symbols at Gates of Olympus range from x3 to x500, so you could bag a great prize! Remember that while winning does require placing the right bet at the right time, our advice will certainly help you get a few steps closer to getting juicy wins!

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