Gates of Olympus Slot Games Strategies [Videos and Tutorials]

gates of olympus

Discover the top strategies for the Gates of Olympus slot game by watching video gameplay and following our beginner-friendly tutorial!

Gates of Olympus, a beloved slot game by Pragmatic Play, is set atop Mount Olympus and features the Greek deity Zeus. This, like many games of the same developer, is widely popular among slot enthusiasts. With a high RTP (return-to-player), an enticing theme, and plenty of bonuses, it’s understandable why players worldwide flock to this slot. 

If you’re interested in playing this game and potentially making a profit from it, then look no further! In this article, we’ll give you a straightforward step-by-step tutorial that shows you how you can get started with Gates of Olympus today. We’ve also found a few interesting gameplay videos that you can watch to get a proper feel of the slot before you play it. 

gates of olympus

Gates of Olympus Slot Game Summary 

Here’s a summary of everything you need to know about the Gates of Olympus slot game: 

  • Slot type – Video slot 
  • Grid size – 5×6 
  • Payline mechanic – Pay anywhere 
  • Volatility – High 
  • RTP – 96.50%
  • Max win – 5000x
  • Bonus features – Free spins, scatter symbols, multiplier symbols, ante bet, tumble

How To Play Gates of Olympus

Want to know how to play Gates of Olympus? Check out this simple step-by-step tutorial that will help you get started with this mythic slot game: 

Step 1 – Join a Casino

Firstly, you’ll need to sign up for an online casino that has the Gates of Olympis slot available. Ideally, you’ll also want a platform that has a wide selection of games, high-standard security measures, and a beginner-friendly interface. There might be some other features you’re looking for, such as mobile compatibility.

When you find a suitable casino, you just need to create an account and make a deposit. 

Step 2 – Find the Slot

After joining a casino, you’ll need to navigate to the slot game on your desktop or phone. Usually, there’ll be a search bar that you can use to immediately find Gates of Olympus. 

However, we do recommend checking out the other games that your chosen casino has to offer. For instance, Pragmatic Play has a bunch of entertaining slots for you to try out. Our favourites include Sweet Bonanza, Twilight Princess, and Big Bass Splash.

Step 3 – Set a Wager 

Once you’ve found the slot, all you need to do is set a wager. For this game, you can wager anywhere between €0.20 and €100. When it comes to betting on this and other slots, there’s no ‘correct’ sum. The amount you should wager depends on your budget and financial situation. If this is your first time playing a slot game, we suggest beginning with the smallest bet and slowly building it up. This way, you won’t experience any big losses early on. 

Step 4 – Start Spinning

Now for the fun part: spinning the reels! Yes, after you’ve set your wager amount, all that’s left is to press ‘spin’. You’ll see Zeus stare you down menacingly as the reels turn, so let’s hope that he’s in a mood to grant you good fortune. Good luck!

Helpful YouTube Videos for Gates of Olympus

If you want to learn some great strategies for Gates of Olympus, or you simply want to watch some gameplay of this slot, take a look at these YouTube videos:

  1. Daily Gambling 


In this 14-minute video by Daily Gambling, you’ll see the real-life gameplay of this slot game. The host begins with a budget of $1000 (€935) and shows the strategies he implements to make a profit. The video addresses that Gates of Olympus can be a challenging yet rewarding slot game that just takes a bit of patience. Through this gameplay session, the host experiences a couple of big wins and concludes with a final total of $1156 (€1018). 

A 15.6% profit is a fantastic increase in such a short time and really shows how lucrative this game can be. The final piece of advice in this video is that knowing when to quit is the key to having an enjoyable gambling experience. 

Although the host’s credits were dropping at some intervals, reaching as low as $400 (€374), he still persisted. But after exceeding his starting credit, he knew it was time to end the session. This is a highly valuable tip that can be useful to you in all slot games, and not just Gates of Olympus. 

  1. BSBZA

My Biggest Gates of Olympus Win (Long bonus buy session)

For a longer video that demonstrates the highs and lows of this slot game, check out this gameplay session from BSBZA. The host begins with R3462 (€173) and starts off by spinning with a small wager of R2.40 (€0.12). Throughout the session, he steadily increased his wager size, reaching R6 (€0.30) after 30 minutes. We especially recommend this video as it shows the potential wins you can land even when making a small bet. 

During most of the video, the host experiences a couple of consecutive losses. However, through this, he teaches the power of perseverance. Despite his credits dropping by almost 50%, he still continues to make bets. This ends up paying off by the 31st minute when he lands a superb win of R515 (€25). The host, who is very happy with this result, states it is the highest win he’s managed with this slot. 

Overall, this video provides a fantastic insight into the realistic profits of this slot game. Not everyone can afford to make a huge wager or set a budget worth hundreds. Even if that’s the case for you, there’s still a reason to play this slot. Gates of Olympus can provide a fun gambling experience, even for beginners with smaller budgets, as BSBZA demonstrates. 

Additional Tips

Here are our own tips for playing Gates of Olympus in an online casino: 

Pay Attention To Special Features

Gates of Olympus, like many other slots, provides players with multiple ways to win big. For this game in particular, players can benefit from special symbols which can provide free spins and other bonuses. Although many of these symbols appear on their own, it’s still a good idea to know what to look out for. Take a look at the top Gates of Olympus features and symbols that can result in a big profit: 

  • Multiplier symbols – This symbol can appear at any point during your gameplay session. When a multiplier symbol lands, it will take a random multiplier value of between 2x and 500x. At the end of each spin, the value of each symbol is added together to create a total multiplier value, which will be rewarded to players. 
  • Scatter symbols – When scatter symbols land on the screen, players are rewarded with a 3x, 5x, or 100x bet multiplier, depending on if they land 4, 5, or 6 symbols. These special symbols depict the almighty Zeus himself, so they can be easy to spot. 
  • Free spins – You can also trigger free spins by landing at least 4 scatter symbols at once. Playing with free spins means that you can increase your gameplay time without digging further into your budget. All you have to do is spin the reels as usual. By landing 4 scatters, you’ll receive 15 free spins along with an instant payout.

Utilise Casino Bonuses 

Luckily for us gamblers, most online casinos regularly offer bonuses and promotions to their users. Some of the best options range from a free spins bonus to a 200% matched deposit offer. If you want to stretch out your budget and enjoy some exciting freebies, consider all the available bonuses before joining a casino. 

Some bonuses are simply better than others. So, if you want to make the most of your gambling experience, don’t take this decision lightly. For extra help, you can use our service! We routinely search the web to find the best bonuses from top online casinos. Each platform we suggest to our users is full-featured, intuitive, and, most importantly, secure. This means you can have the utmost peace of mind when joining a casino and making the most of their special offers

Final Thoughts

Overall, Gates of Olympus is an exciting casino slot that can offer plenty of fun for beginner and experienced gamblers alike. Similar to other slots, players will rely mainly on luck throughout their game sessions. Although there are some strategies you can implement, most of the time, you simply have to hope that fortune is on your side. 

If you want to see real gameplay of this slot to get a better idea of its payouts and features, just check out the videos we’ve linked in this article. Watching other people play this slot will give you a better idea of whether it’s worth playing or not. If Zeus and his reels do catch your interest, you can join a reputable casino and try the slot game for yourself. Good luck! 

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