Easy as 1-2-3: A Gates of Olympus Demo Play Guide

Gates of Olympus fruits slot machine

The Gates of Olympus slot is your one and only ticket to Mount Olympus and the thrilling riches that lie hidden there. Side by side with Zeus, you'll have the opportunity to win massive prizes!

The Gates of Olympus slot is your one and only ticket to Mount Olympus and the thrilling riches that lie hidden there. Side by side with Zeus, you’ll have the opportunity to win massive prizes – up to x5000 times your bet! What better way to start than checking out demo mode?

Why Demo Mode Is Important

You might be wondering, why would I want to play the Gates of Olympus slot in demo mode? Especially with the dozens of online casinos advertised on this website? No doubt, enjoying the thrill of real money betting can’t compare to playing demo software. However, you’ll find even professional gamblers will always test the software first for free. That way, they gain a better understanding of the base game, slot mechanics, and winning combinations.

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You can head over to our page and click “Play Demo for Fun” to try the free game and discover if you enjoy it. After all, you can only read so many Olympus slot review articles. In order to find out what the game is really like, you should actually play it.

All casino games come with free software, and we recommend that you try it whether you are new or old to casino gaming. Once you feel confident you know the game well, you can move on to betting real money.

Can I Bet on Gates of Olympus With Real Money?

Yes, you absolutely can! All you need to play the Gates of Olympus slot is to find a reputable online casino. Luckily, we partner with some of the most credible and full-featured websites around. This means you can easily navigate to the top casinos currently on the market. Alternatively, you can choose from the incredible bonus offers advertised on our page and pick an incredible freebie that will power up your gameplay. 

In order to start playing the Gates of Olympus slot, you must create an account at a casino. Next, you’ll need to add a minimum deposit. That’s a small sum you add to your casino account, which you can then spend on your bets. 

The minimum deposit requirements vary from site to site. They can be as little as €1 or €20. Once you have added money to your casino account, you can use the search bar to find Gates of Olympus and start playing. You may also look up a provider, such as Pragmatic Play, to try a similar slot game to this one.

Gates of Olympus Slot Overview

The game consists of a 6×5 grid and offers All Ways pay lines. When you play Gates of Olympus, there are 243 different combinations you can land that will result in great wins and an even more epic mood! If Ancient Greek mythology is something you enjoy, then there’s hardly a more suitable slot for you.

With an RTP of 96.5% (on the high side), this video slot awards plenty of winning opportunities. You will also experience high volatility when playing Gates, meaning you may expect less consistent wins with high returns. 

Aside from the scatters and multipliers, there are nine base symbols. Some are lower-paying ones, and others, the various gems, can bring bigger rewards. The highest paying icons are the luxurious treasures, a crown, hourglass, ring, and goblet.

What Are the Gates of Olympus Winning Boosters Like?

There is plenty to keep you entertained when you play Gates of Olympus. The slot game was released in 2021, so this is still considered a new title by Pragmatic Play. It includes some of their most modern and exciting features. Whether you decide to play in demo mode or for real money, you should keep your fingers crossed that you stumble into the following winning boosters:

Tumble Feature

Otherwise known as an avalanche feature, this is an incredible winning booster that triggers when you get a winning combination. All winning symbols tumble off the game reels, making space for new winning combinations to form. You can create a tumble sequence if you keep landing more wins. 

Multiplier Symbols

Another great winning booster you will enjoy is the multiplier symbols. At some point during your gameplay, you might see Zeus hurling magic orbs into the reels. These special symbols are your multipliers, and they can all come with different values. The random multiplier value you get will combine at the end of your spin to give you a jaw-dropping winning combo. You may even encounter the incredible opportunity to win x500 your stake!

Free Spins Bonus

What is a slot game without a free spins bonus round? In the case of Gates of Olympus, if you are lucky enough to align as little as four scatter symbols, you will get 15 free spins. Get five scatters and enjoy 15 free spins bonus rounds and bonus money added to your wins!

We would argue that the scatter symbol is the most important part of Gates of Olympus, as it can award you the biggest opportunities to win big. In fact, you can get up to 30 free spins just by landing the right number of scatters. Playing free spins is your best chance of winning big in this game.

Ante Bet Multiplier

The last of the bonus features we want to introduce is the ante bet multiplier. This unique winning booster can bump your chances of getting that desired free spins round by 50%. All you have to do is enable the Ante bet on the left side of the reels, which will automatically increase the price of your bet by 25%. As a result, the game will award you 50% more scatter symbols, optimising your chances to get a free spins bonus game and snatch a big win!

Does Demo Mode Have the Same RTP as Real Money Games?

Perhaps the most common question we see users ask in Olympus slot FAQs is, does free play mode have the same RTP as real money games? The answer is yes. In fact, in most countries, it is illegal to tweak the RTP in free play without notifying the players. In some instances, you might notice that a game has a special bonus round included during demo gameplay, but that’s not something present in Gates of Olympus.

Both the demo and the real money game share an RTP of 96.5%. So, if you notice you are winning a lot during the free demo, that’s just your luck! It’s entirely possible to experience similar winning conditions when you play for real money. The demo game isn’t artificially boosted to give you bigger wins than the real money game. Plainly speaking, in order to win, you’ll need to play the right slot at the right time! So, if you had a winning streak in the demo, you could also get a similar winning streak at casinos.

Final Thoughts

Gates of Olympus is one of many Greek mythology-inspired slots you will come across. Even though it lacks a wild symbol, it remains a top slot to play to this day. Chances are, you won’t come across other slots that take place in Ancient Greece that work quite like this one. 

The design is superb, and we don’t just mean the graphics. Offering so many winning boosters to players is a clever way to keep them entertained, and maximising that high volatility only adds to the excitement. It can certainly keep you engaged for a while, and it won’t get old quickly like Starburst, for instance. Did we manage to pique your interest? Why don’t you give it a try for yourself?

Last updated on January 12th, 2024 at 07:26 am

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