Understanding Gates of Olympus Payout Rate

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Learn the fundamentals of the Gates of Olympus payout rate, including its RTP, volatility, maximum win, and bonus features.

Before you dive into playing Gates of Olympus or any other slot game, you should take some time to check out its payout rate. Understanding the payout rate of slot games can help you make informed betting decisions and even allow you to maximise your potential wins. 

Today, we will explore the payout rate from the thrilling slot by Pragmatic Play, Gates of Olympus. This slot game, which takes place in ancient Greece, is well-loved by tons of slot enthusiasts. But, in terms of payout, is this slot worth playing? How much can you actually profit from it? Let’s find out! 

What Is a Payout Rate?

Payout rate typically refers to how much and how often you’ll receive winnings from playing a casino game. Some games, such as roulette, have a fixed payout rate. The game’s rules are set and do not vary, so whichever casino you go to, you can expect the same outcome. 

In contrast, slot games have a variable payout rate that is influenced by multiple factors, such as their mechanics, design, and feature set. With one slot, you may have a chance to win thousands at a time, whereas with another, you might only receive small payouts. Some slots also pay much more regularly than others, which in turn will impact your playstyle. 

How Is a Slot’s Payout Rate Calculated?

Determining the payout rate of a slot involves considering various aspects that contribute to the amount and frequency of winnings paid out to players. Some say that RTP is the only way to truly tell the payout rate of a slot game, whilst others claim that you should consider other factors such as volatility, max win, and even bonus features. 

What Is the Best Payout Rate for a Slot?

The truth is that every slot has varying mechanics, and as players, we have different preferences and goals. Some of us are gunning for massive payouts and don’t care for small wins. On the other hand, many players are happy to receive small yet consistent victories. 

Other factors may also affect which type of payout rate you’re looking for, such as your budget, availability, and goals. If you have a tight budget, you will likely just be making smaller bets. If this is the case, a slot game with a huge maximum win rate may not be very relevant. Rather, a low-volatility slot that gives out regular winnings will be more suitable to your situation. 

The Gates of Olympus Payout Rate 

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Here is more information regarding the payout rate of the Gates of Olympus slot game: 


Short for ‘return-to-player’, RTP is one of the key ways to analyse a slot game’s payout rate. With RTP, you can determine how much you’ll get back in the form of winnings after making various wagers. 

The Gates of Olympus RTP is 96.50%. This is a pretty solid RTP that shows us this slot game will pay players back €96.50 for every €100 they wager. However, since RTP is based on thousands or even millions of bets, it means you can’t be sure that you’ll actually win this amount. You may encounter a winning or losing streak that makes you think the RTP is inaccurate. 

However, slot providers and casinos are required to disclose the real RTP of their games. This means that as long as you use a licensed platform, you can rest assured that the real RTP is displayed. 

Most popular slots have an RTP of between 96% and 98%, so Gates of Olympus sits around the average. Generally, a higher RTP means a slot game is worth playing. But, it definitely shouldn’t be your only determining factor. 


Another factor which helps to pinpoint the payout rate for a slot game is its volatility. Slot games, in terms of volatility, are split into five categories:

  • Low volatility 
  • Low-mid volatility 
  • Medium volatility 
  • Mid-high volatility 
  • High volatility 

With a low volatility slot, players can expect more frequent but smaller wins. This type of slot is typically more stable and best for players with lower risk tolerances. You can ensure a prolonged gaming experience without too much pressure.

On the opposite end are high volatility slots. These slots hand out higher but less frequent wins, making them more suitable for players with a greater risk tolerance. With high volatility, a slot tends to be more exciting and unpredictable. However, you could go an entire gaming session without a win. Gates of Olympus is a high volatility slot, meaning you will experience fewer yet larger payouts. 

Max Win 

The maximum win shows you the true potential of a slot in terms of its payout. As you now know, some slots have more frequent payouts, whilst others have fewer. But, with a high volatility slot such as Gates of Olympus, you’ll want to know exactly how much you could possibly win from a single spin. 

Certain slots, such as those with progressive jackpots, give players an opportunity to win life-changing sums of cash. On the other hand, some slots will only give out a couple hundred euros worth of winnings at a time. 

We would say that Gates of Olympus sits comfortably between these two extremes. With this slot, you can win up to 5,000 times your bet. So if you have a €1 wager, you’re in the runnings to get a whopping €5,000 back! 

Bonus Features

The available bonus features for a slot game will also impact its payout rate. Gates of Olympus, similar to most titles by Pragmatic Play, has a great range of bonus features that give players even more opportunities to land a win. This includes:

  • Scatter symbols – When scatter symbols land during your gameplay, you can get an instant payout of 3x, 5x, or 100x your bet. More than 4 scatter symbols landing on the grid at a time will also trigger free spins. 
  • Multiplier symbols – When a multiplier symbol lands, you will receive a random multiplier value of up to 500x your bet. If several multiplier symbols land on the grid, their values will combine into a total sum. 
  • Free spins – You can also choose to purchase free spins yourself by placing 100x your current bet. Extra spins present an opportunity to get even more payouts!

How To Check a Slot’s Payout Rate

If you want to find out the payout rate of any other slot game, you can do so by heading to the developer’s official website. For instance, if you go to pragmaticplay.com, you can find a comprehensive list of all its available games. After opening a slot’s tab, you’ll see a general description of the game along with key information regarding its payout. 

How To Play Gates of Olympus

Want to check out Gates of Olympus yourself to experience its payout rate first-hand? Well, you’ve come to the perfect place! We’ll not only show you the best casinos to play this slot at, but we’ll also give you insight into all the best bonuses that you can get your hands on. 

Many casinos regularly offer various promotions to draw in players. Some popular examples include: 

  • Welcome bonus
  • Deposit bonus
  • No-deposit bonus
  • Free spins bonus
  • High-roller bonus 

These bonuses can grant you goodies such as free spins, extra cash, and even exclusive access to certain features. If you want to make the most of exciting promotions to stretch out your budget and enhance your gameplay, then just follow this simple guide:

1) Choose One of Our Recommended Casinos 

Firstly, you can explore our platform to discover some fantastic casinos to join. Each casino we recommend is licensed, feature-rich, and reputable, so you can be sure that you’re in good hands. As we’ve said, we spend time searching for the best casino bonuses for our users. We’ve done all the hard work, so all that’s left for you is to take your pick! 

2) Sign Up

After you’ve found a suitable casino that fits your needs, just head to the platform and create an account. Next, you’ll need to make a deposit. The casino will then verify your deposit and finalise the account registration process. 

3) Accept Bonuses

Now for the fun part: accepting and enjoying your bonuses! Usually, after you claim a bonus, it will appear in your account immediately. However, this will vary between casinos. All that’s left is to head to the Gates of Olympus slot game and face off against Zeus himself! 


To conclude, several factors contribute to the payout rate of a slot game: RTP, volatility, max win, and bonus features. Analysing these factors will help you understand what to expect from a slot game and allow you to decide whether it’s worth playing.

As a high volatility slot with a great RTP, Gates of Olympus can be a lucrative option for players. With this game, you can win up to 5,000 times your bet through both standard symbols and exciting special features. If you’re interested in playing this slot and making the most of your budget, you can begin by exploring what our site has to offer. We’ll ensure that you find a trusted casino that has an appealing promotion available so you can enjoy Gates of Olympus to its full potential. 

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