Gates of Olympus Slot Review: RTP and Gameplay

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With a staggering RTP of 96.5% paired with high volatility, the Gates of Olympus slot will keep you bubbling with excitement at every spin!

Are you looking for an exciting online slot that will pave the way to the mountains of Ancient Greek gods? Then you must try the popular Gates of Olympus slot. This beloved online slot gained a lot of popularity since its release in 2021, and there’s hardly a casino out there that doesn’t include it in its repertoire. With a staggering RTP of 96.5% paired with high volatility, Gates of Olympus will keep you bubbling with excitement.

Do you have any questions on gameplay and RTP? You’ll find your answers below!

Gates of Olympus Gameplay

Are you looking to try Gates of Olympus for the first time? Allow us to give you a brief rundown of its gameplay. Gates of Olympus is a slot by Pragmatic Play, which, unlike most traditional slot games, features five rows with six reels. Moreover, you will find that Gates of Olympus also offers a special payout winning system called “all ways.”

Slots that don’t use the all-ways pay lines system typically present unique combinations that various symbols need to form in order to pay.  These winning combinations must be arranged left to right in order to count. Needless to say, this creates tons of frustration for players. They often get plenty of matching symbols in the wrong formations, so it’s nice to see Gates of Olympus doesn’t have this issue!

Gates of Olympus gets rid of this issue by offering 243 ways to arrange winning symbols. You can adjust your stake from a minimum of €0.20 all the way up to €100. And if that’s not enough, the Ante bet feature will let you stake even more – €125.

There is an excellent variety of symbols in this game, from low-paying gemstones to the colourful orb multiplier symbols. In order to get a winning combination, you need to align more symbols than usual. From a total of eight to thirty, with the only exception being the scatters. Just four will be enough to give you a nice reward.

Gates of Olympus Slot RTP and Volatility

Before you begin playing any game, it’s important to consider the RTP and volatility. And yes, that applies even if you play with your money or using dummy funds in demo mode. RTP can give you a clue about how much a game will pay out if you decide to play long-term. The higher the RTP, the better the rewards. 

What does an RTP of 96.5% mean? That if you spend €100 on the game, you should earn back €96.5 in theory. Why so? Companies discover the RTP of a game based on calculations from thousands of spins. So, if you decide to play short-term, you might experience bigger or lower rewards.

But RTP isn’t the only determining factor when you play slots in online casinos. There is also volatility, too. Higher volatility means rewards drop less often, but when they do, they are substantial enough to give you a big smile and a nice win you can boast about.

Low volatility means you get frequent wins, but you won’t get many tremendous prizes. All in all, Gates of Olympus is a great combination of high volatility and high RTP. All you need is to pair it with a lucrative free spins bonus, and you’re in for a treat!

Bonus Rounds and Symbols

When we talk about gameplay, we can’t neglect all the symbols that can give you that winning spin. Even though Gates of Olympus doesn’t use wilds, there are plenty of other great perks you can unlock while spinning the reels! So, to help familiarise you with the most important features of playing Gates of Olympus, let’s talk about the various scatter symbols and multiplier symbols you can come across while playing.

Tumble Feature

If you see a tumble feature in any slot game, this should be your sign to give it a try. As soon as you align the right winning symbols and receive a win, these symbols tumble off from the reels to make way for new icons to pop up. 

If they form a consecutive win, the process continues until there are no winning symbols on the reels. It basically means that with a single bet, if you get lucky, you can win over and over again, and you won’t even have to bet more.

Ante Bet Multiplier Feature

Finally, the last feature allows you to win more by betting more. Now, usually in games, we do not advise players to increase their bets with the expectation that they will earn more. As you know, casino games use Random Number Generators, which means that results are completely random, similar to the results you receive at land-based casinos. 

However, if a slot game features the Ante bet feature, it means there’s a bigger chance that you trigger the most desirable feature of Gates of Olympus – the free spins bonus round.

How come? Well, if you pay to increase your bet by 25%, the game increases the amount of scatter symbols to the reels. Therefore, you have an even bigger chance of snatching some tremendous prizes while playing the Gates of Olympus slot.

In order to trigger the Ante bet multiplier, you need to locate the little box on the left of your reels and click it in order to automatically apply the 25% ante bet. Once that’s done, all you need is the right lucky spin to get you the incredible rewards you have been waiting for!

Multiplier Symbols

There are four multiplier symbols in the game: the green, blue, purple, and red orbs. You will also notice that Zeus, the God of Thunder, is standing on the right-hand side of your reels. He will occasionally come to life and throw magic winged orbs into the reels, activating their random multiplier value.

The orbs’ colours don’t matter because when a multiplier symbol lands, their rewards can range from 2x to 500x your original stake. In the event that you land multiple winged orbs in a single spin (lucky you!), their values are added together. 

For instance, your win from that tumble would be multiplied by the final value (9x) if you had 7x and 2x orbs. You may activate this feature during the base game and free spins bonus rounds, making it extra profitable.

Free Spins Bonus Round

Zeus is particularly generous in the Gates of Olympus game – he also comes up as the important scatter symbol. Land a minimum of four multiplier symbols, and you will trigger free spins! But that’s not everything – you also receive an additional multiplier value. As different numbers of scatter symbols land on the reels, you can receive a bonus of $9 – $300 per symbol!

If you receive several scatters, the game combines their value with any active multipliers you currently have. This suggests that the amount of money you win during the free spins feature may grow. What’s even better is that you can keep getting free spins as long as you play because the retriggers are infinite!

Final Tips

Now that you know all there is about the Gates of Olympus gameplay, you can give the game a chance either in demo mode or using real money. We advise everyone to start with demo mode to acquaint themselves with the slot and its particularities. Once you feel confident, you can move on to betting real cash and experience the real excitement of playing casino games!

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