Judy Haynes

Judy Hayes had her humble beginnings in the casino world as a player. Curious by nature, she was fascinated with that world from the first time she set foot in a casino. Judy soon discovered that she loved the games there so much that she didn’t even care if she was the one playing them. That is how she decided to pursue a career in the casino industry, and soon landed her first job as a croupier.

For a few years, Judy moved around some of the bigger casinos in her hometown before eventually moving to the gambling capital of the world - Las Vegas. There, she spent another decade at various casinos, climbing through the ranks. That is how she learned about the inner workings of a casino, especially its expenses and payout strategies.

What is more, Judy observed many different kinds of casino games, mastering their rules in no time. Card games, slots, you name it - Judy is more than familiar with it! As a result, she is excellent at evaluating the casino games he sees online. Particularly when it comes to fairness, she is able to quickly determine if an online casino is trying to bend the odds and scam players instead of rewarding them.

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