Learn to Play Gates of Olympus (Step-By-Step Tutorial) 

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Find out how to play and master the Gates of Olympus slot game through our detailed step-by-step tutorial for beginners.

The divine Greek mythology slot by Pragmatic Play, Gates of Olympus, is an unmissable opportunity for players looking for an enticing gaming experience. This slot includes a variety of ways to win big through both enchanting symbols and interesting bonus rounds. Want to try this game out for yourself? You’ve come to the right place! 

In this detailed step-by-step guide, we’ll show you how to play and master the Gates of Olympus slot game. 

Gates of Olympus slot symbols

How To Play Gates of Olympus

Ready to head to Mount Olympus and see if Zeus is prepared to grant you good fortune? We certainly are! Here’s a detailed step-by-step guide that shows you how to play the thrilling Gates of Olympus slot game: 

Learn the Basics

It’s essential to grasp the fundamentals of Gates of Olympus before diving in. This includes its layout, gameplay mechanics, and win rate. Even in slot games, where players rely mainly on luck, learning the basics will help improve your overall experience and maximise your enjoyment. This can also enable you to avoid costly mistakes, instil confidence, and potentially increase your chances of winning. 

Let’s check out the must-know basics of the Gates of Olympus slot game:

Slot Layout

Firstly, you should learn the layout of this slot. Gates of Olympus is a video slot that has 6 reels and 5 rows. This game also has a ‘pay anywhere’ system, meaning there are no fixed paylines, and instead, symbols can pay in any position on the reels as long as they reach the minimum required frequency. Furthermore, due to its streamlined design and utilisation of JS/HTML5 technologies, Gates of Olympus is accessible not only on desktop computers but also on mobile devices. 


This slot game has a total of 9 symbols (not including scatter symbols). They are as follows: 

  • Crown: As the highest-paying symbol in this slot game, the dazzling crown can lead to players winning up to 50x their bet. For this to happen, there must be at least 12 crown symbols on the reels at once. However, even a mere 8 crowns can earn players 10x their bet. 
  • Chalice, ring, and hourglass: The next-best symbols for large payouts in Gates of Olympus are the chalices, rings, and hourglasses. These symbols are fairly rare and can lead to players winning between 12x and 25x their bet. 
  • Gemstones: The lower-paying symbols are gemstones, which come in several colours (red, green, blue, purple, and yellow). These gemstones have varying payouts, depending on their colour and frequency of appearance on the reels. For instance, red, the rarest gemstone, can land players up to 10x their bet by occurring 12 or more times. On the other hand, 12 or more blue gemstones result in only 2x a player’s bet.  


There are a handful of bonus features that allow players to further profit from Gates of Olympus. This includes: 

  • Scatter symbols: Scatter symbols, which depict Zeus, the almighty Greek god, can also appear on the reels. If four or more scatter symbols land at the same time, it will trigger free spins. Landing on four scatter symbols will also instantly reward players with a payout of 3x their bet as well as 15 free spins. Furthermore, those lucky enough to land six scatter symbols will receive a whopping 100x payout! 
  • Tumble: When players get a winning combination, the game’s tumble feature is activated. With tumble, all symbols that are part of the winning combination disappear from the reels, allowing new ones to fall. These newly fallen symbols can also land players a win, which would activate tumble again. There is no limit to how many times this can happen. 
  • Multiplier symbols: When a multiplier symbol lands on the reels, it can grant players a multiplayer of up to 500x their bet. Multiplier symbols can come in blue, green, red, and purple. When a tumble feature ends, the total multiplier value is combined to contribute to the player’s win. 

Win Rate 

Another fundamental aspect of any slot game is its winning mechanics. Gates of Olympus is a high volatility slot and allows players to win up to 5000x their bet, making it a fantastic option for those seeking high payouts. Additionally, this game’s Return to Player (RTP) rate of 96.50% indicates that, on average, players can expect to receive back €96.50 for every €100 they wager. All in all, Gates of Olympus can be considered a lucrative choice for slot game enthusiasts.  

Try the Demo  

Although, after learning the basics of this slot game, you may think you’re ready to start playing Gates of Olympus, we recommend you do some practice first. Many slot players overlook this step as they’re eager to start playing and landing some wins. However, practising using dummy funds is a terrific way to get used to the slot without any stress or risk. Even if you only practise with a couple of spins, this can still make a world of difference when it comes to your confidence. 

If you are interested in practising playing this slot before heading to your favourite casino to try it out for real, you can go to the official Pragmatic Play website. Here, you’ll have an opportunity to try out the game’s demo mode. This mode is exactly the same as the real Gates of Olympus slot, with the only difference being the use of dummy funds rather than real cash. 

Set a Budget 

After a bit of practice, it’s time for you to set a budget. Establishing a budget before playing any slot game can help keep your emotions in check. You may be unlucky and not land any wins while playing this game, so a clear budget will prevent you from overspending. When setting a budget, you should consider your personal financial situation and risk tolerance.  

Every slot gamer is different, so we all have varying budgets. If you’re unsure how to set one, you can refer to a helpful guide such as this one. Remember that as your personal situation changes, so may your budget. So don’t forget to resort back to it to manage or rearrange every so often. 

Spin the Reels

You made it to the final step, and now you’re ready to enjoy playing this slot game! 

All that’s left now is to set a bet amount and start spinning. With Gates of Olympus, players can bet a maximum of €100. If you’re a beginner slot player, we suggest you begin with a smaller amount, such as €1.00, to start with. This will help you stretch out your budget, extend your gaming session, and prevent you from experiencing large losses early on. 

After setting your bet, you simply need to press the ‘spin’ button, which is a circle with two arrows inside it. Holding the space bar (on desktops) will enable turbo spin, which drastically increases the speed of the reels. You can also enable the autoplay feature to have the reels spin on their own for a set amount of rounds. This feature can be found on the bottom-right side of the screen. Players can set between 10 and 1000 auto spins at once. 

Well, there you have it, our full step-by-step guide for the Gates of Olympus slot. But wait! There are also two optional steps that you can complete to increase your chances of making a profit in this game: 

(Optional) – Buy Free Spins 

The free spins bonus feature allows players to purchase a set number of free spins. Players can enable this option by clicking the ‘Free Spins’ button on the left side of the slot. They will need to pay 100x their bet and automatically activate the free spins bonus round. 

(Optional) – Utilise Ante Bet 

Another way to gain free spins in Gates of Olympus is through the Ante Bet feature. On the left side of the slot, players can choose to pay 25% more in their total bet to double their chances of getting scatter symbols, thus increasing their chances of earning 15 free spins.  


To recap, Gates of Olympus is a straightforward and exciting slot game that players can enjoy. Its intuitive gameplay mechanics, radiant symbols, and engaging features make it a top choice for players of all experience levels. 

Before playing this game, we recommend practising beforehand and reading up on its core features. Next, you can set a budget and decide on how much you want to bet. After that, you’re ready to spin the reels and hope that the Greek gods are on your side. Plus, if you want to raise the stakes, don’t forget to try out the Free Spins and Ante Bet bonus features. Good luck, and we hope you have a blast when playing the Gates of Olympus slot game! 

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