The Amazing Gates of Olympus Slot Game vs. 3 Similar Titles

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Discover the key similarities and differences between Gates of Olympus and other fascinating slot games by Pragmatic Play.

Gates of Olympus, a popular slot game by Pragmatic Play, is enjoyed by new and old gamblers alike. Available in most online casinos, this slot provides players with a range of different ways to maximise their profit, activate bonuses, and, most importantly, have fun. However, how similar is this slot game to other Pragmatic Play titles?

In this article, we’ll explore the similarities and differences between Gates of OIympus and other Pragmatic Play slot games. You’ll find out about key attributes of this slot game, such as its theme, grid layout, volatility, RTP, max win, and bonus features. Furthermore, you’ll discover how similar games stack up to the almighty Zeus and his dazzling symbols. Let’s begin! 

Gates of Olympus Compared To Other Slots

Want to find out more about Gates of Olympus at a glance? Check out our summary of this slot and similar titles: 

TitleThemeGrid Size Volatility RTPMax Win 
Gates of OlympusAncient Greek6×5High96.50%5000x 
Sweet Bonanza Candy6×5High96.48%21,100x
Starlight Princess Anime6×5High96.50%5000x
Sword of Ares Ancient Greek 6×6High96.40%10,000x

Gates of Olympus Key Attributes 

Despite being a relatively new title, Gates of Olympus has become a beloved slot by online gamblers worldwide. But what makes this slot so alluring? Moreover, how does it compare to similar slots? 


Firstly, let’s discuss the look and feel of this slot game. Gates of Olympus has a stunning ancient Greek theme. This slot depicts the Greek god Zeus, who hovers in a palace atop Mount Olympus. The symbols feature shining gemstones in a variety of colours, along with treasures such as crowns and chalices. The soundtrack is also noteworthy as it sets a dramatic and high-stakes atmosphere. Overall, the theme for this slot is highly sophisticated and immersive.

How It Compares 

Many other slot games by Pragmatic Play tend to have a more lighthearted theme. For instance, Sweet Bonanza has a playful candy land theme. This slot includes symbols ranging from fruit to sweets and is accompanied by a cheerful, fairy-tale soundtrack. Similarly, Starlight Princess has an upbeat anime theme with equally playful sound effects and music.  

However, another popular slot by Pragmatic Play, Sword of Ares, does share an ancient Greek theme with Gates of Olympus. Upon first look, the two slots appear to be very similar. They both include gemstones of varying colours and shapes, along with scatter symbols that feature the face of a Greek God. The only key difference between these two slots in regards to their theme is whilst Gates of Olympus is ruled by Zeus, Sword of Ares is based on another Greek God called, you guessed it, Ares. 

Grid Size and Paylines

The grid size of Gates of Olympus is very common for video slot games. This slot, and many others, features 6 reels and 5 rows. Additionally, this slot has a ‘Pay Anywhere’ payline layout, which means that players can experience a winning combination anywhere on the grid. All they need is for a certain number of the same symbol to appear on the grid. For instance, if between 12 and 30 crowns appear at once, the player will receive €100.

How It Compares 

All three of the other slots share the same size grid with Gates of Olympus. Whilst Sweet Bonanza has the standard of 20 paylines, Starlight Princess and Sword of Ares both utilise the ‘Pay Anywhere’ layout. 

The Starlight Princess slot game, similar to Gates of Olympus, has a high-paying symbol that can lead to a €100 payout by appearing between 12 and 30 times on the grid. On the other hand, the Sword of Ares slot’s highest paying symbol, the golden helmet, must appear on the reels between 12 and 30 times to land players €40.  

Volatility and RTP 

Gates of Olympus has high volatility, meaning that players can expect to receive big payouts but at less regular intervals. Alternatively, slots with low volatility will usually land players smaller wins but in much quicker succession. 

RTP (return-to-player) is another important attribute when it comes to slot games. This refers to how much money players can expect to receive in return from their wagers. Gates of Olympus has a 96.50% RTP, which means that, on average, players will get €96.50 back for every €100 they bet. 

How It Compares 

All three other slots also have high volatility. For online video slot games, this is incredibly common, especially with titles developed by Pragmatic Play. Furthermore, all four slots have very similar RTPs. Starlight Princess also has a 96.50% RTP, whilst Sweet Bonanza and Sword of Ares fall just short with 96.48% and 96.40% RTP, respectively. 

These titles all rest just above the average of 96% RTP when it comes to slot games. An RTP of this size indicates that the game is worth playing and gives players a decent chance of walking away with a profit.

Max Win

Speaking of winning, let’s discuss how much you could potentially receive when playing Gates of Olympus. This slot has a maximum win of 5000x each player’s bet. When we say ‘max win’, we’re referring to the highest possible amount you can receive in winnings through playing a slot. This can be achieved in various ways, such as landing a combination of winning symbols, enabling a bet multiplier, and playing free spins. 

For Gates of Olympus, the best chance players have of landing on this max win is through multiplier symbols. These symbols include a multiplier of between 2x and 500x the original bet. After the tumble feature ends, all multiplier symbols on the grid will be combined, and their total value will be multiplied, potentially resulting in a huge payout for players. 

How It Compares 

Whilst Starlight Princess also has a max win of 5000x, the other two slots go a step further. With Sword of Ares, players can receive a max win of 10,000x, and with Sweet Bonanza, some lucky winners can get an incredible 21,000x of their wager. Furthermore, each of these slots enables these large winnings through various features such as multiplier symbols, free spins, and bonus buy rounds. 

Bonus Features  

Now it’s time to take a closer look at all the extra features you can utilise when playing Gates of Olympus. With this slot, players can amp up their winnings through multiplier symbols, a tumble game feature, free spins bonus rounds, and an ante bet feature. 

For example, players can trigger free spins when 4 or more scatter symbols land on the reels. During these free spins, players may also be greeted with multiplier symbols. Each multiplier symbol that appears and is part of a winning combination will be added to the total multiplier value. Through the combination of scatter symbols, free spins, and multiplier symbols, players can receive a massive win through this slot game. 

How It Compares 

All four slots have included some form of multiplier symbols. For instance, with Sweet Bonanza, when a multiplier symbol lands on the grid through the free spins bonus round, players can win between 2x and 100x their bet. With this slot game, players can also land scatter symbols to trigger up to 10 free spins at a time. Players can also receive 100x their bet just by landing six scatter symbols at once. 

Similarly, Sword of Ares utilises scatter symbols to trigger 15 free spins. In this instance, players will need to land four or more scatter symbols to get the free spins bonus. Additionally, by landing 4,5 or 6 scatters, players will receive an instant win or 3x, 15x, or 100x their bet. 

Finally, with Starlight Princess, players can take advantage of the ante bet feature. After paying 25% more when making a wager, players will double their chances of landing scatter symbols. In turn, this will increase players’ chances of activating free spins since this feature is enabled when 4 or more scatters land on the grid. Overall, each of these slot games has a multitude of bonuses and extra features that can significantly increase your enjoyment when spinning the reels. 


To summarise, Gates of Olympus is an entertaining and lucrative slot that shares some similarities with other titles but also has key defining characteristics. Similar to the other games we’ve analysed, Gates of Olympus is a high-volatility slot that features a 6×5 grid. Furthermore, although all four of these games share similar bonuses, Gates of Olympus has a distinctive combination of ante bet, bonus buy, free spins, and tumble features. 

Overall, although we can see how Gates of Olympus relates to other Pragmatic Play games, this slot is unique in its own right. With an intense soundtrack, a mythological theme, and multiple ways to land huge wins, this slot game is well worth trying out.

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