Amazing Pros & Potential Cons of Gates of Olympus vs. Other Slots

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Wondering how Gates of Olympus fares compared to other slot games? We'll reveal the major pros and cons of this game vs other popular slots.

When it comes to slots, our team certainly has favourites. It’s no shock to anyone that we named his website after the incredible Gates of Olympus slot. With a classic Greek mythology theme and an incredible variation of bonus rounds and multipliers, Gates of Olympus can keep you entertained for hours.

Of course, there is always a sceptic who will question why exactly we like this slot game so much. What makes it so special? Are you wondering how Gates of Olympus fares compared to other slot games? 

We’ll reveal the major pros and cons of this game vs other popular slots. Of course, if you find that you disagree with us, we’ll recommend several other games that might be more suited to your taste. Let’s get digging!

Gates of Olympus – A Brief Overview

Firstly, let’s cover the basics. Gates of Olympus is a slot by Pragmatic Play, and if you know anything about slot game providers, this will be a green flag for you. Pragmatic Play releases some of the most replayable slots on the market. They typically feature many options for winning combinations and juicy multipliers hidden in the free spins bonus rounds.

The Gates of Olympus slot uses a 6×5 reel design and offers 243 ways to win. Pragmatic Play achieves this by allowing “All Ways wins” from left to right and right to left. The All-Ways concept removes a frustrating problem that many gamblers complain about. Namely, what happens when you get winning symbols, but they don’t fit the specific pay lines? 

Well, nothing – there’s nothing to do. That is why many bettors prefer games with All-Ways wins, which increase their chances of aligning the right winning symbols and landing bigger rewards.

The Gates of Olympus game also includes tons of winning symbols and random multipliers. The lowest-paying icons are the gemstones, followed by opulent goblets, crowns and rings, which award bigger wins.

Of course, the game also includes multiplier symbols, which are randomly thrown into the mix (literally) by Zeus. If you manage to strike a winning combo with the maximum number of multiplier symbols, you will get x500 times your bet.

Keep in mind that games with 243 winning combinations will ask you to align a lot of symbols, unlike with classic 3×3 or 3×5 slots, where you only need three to get a winning combination. Here, your minimum is 9 (or 4 for scatter symbols).

PaylinesAll Ways (243)
Minimum Bet€0.20
Maximum Bet€100
Bonus FeaturesYes

Gates of Olympus vs Other Slot Games: Pros and Cons

Even though you have a theoretical idea of what the Gates of Olympus gameplay is about, we still recommend that you give it a test by playing the demo on our homepage. That way, you can get a first-hand experience of the mind-blowing perks we list next. Better yet, try it for real money at one of our recommended casinos, to discover the real thrill of gaming.


There are four main reasons why we love the Gates of Olympus slot so much. This slot is created with a lot of thoughtfulness, and all its perks added together make for an unforgettable gaming experience. Check them out:

All-Ways Paylines

Unlike conventional slots, which typically have up to 9 pay lines, Gates of Olympus surprises with a lot more. Before you play any game, we advise that you check out the paytable so you can discover how to trigger a winning spin and any special reels you should keep an eye on. 

Additionally, you can view all the winning lines (called “pay lines”) that enable winning spins. As we mentioned already, Pragmatic Play decided to power up this slot by giving it a total of 243. Imagine the possibilities!

Win Boosters

If you are a seasoned casino gamer, you likely know that playing casino slots with a win booster is your optimal way of snatching a win. Well, Gates of Olympus doesn’t shy away from including tons of winning boosters. 

When four scatter symbols land on the reels, you receive 15 free spins! But that’s not everything. You also get a mouth-watering win of up to €300 for any additional scatter symbols landing on the winning positions.

Other win boosters you can find in Gates of Olympus are, of course, the multiplier symbols. Did you notice the almighty Zeus standing on the right side of the reels? Every now and then, he will come to life, throwing a multiplier symbol onto the reels. 

If you have played Moon Princess by Play’n GO, you’ll find this is a similar mechanic. When a multiplier symbol lands, it can award you a minimum of x2 your bet. The total multiplier value can reach up to x500 for your bet, depending on how many multipliers symbol lands you get.

Tumble Feature

The game employs an avalanche feature, here called a “tumble feature.” In essence, all your winning symbols drop off from the reels to generate new icons, giving you twice the chance to win big from a single bet. The best part? There is no limit to a tumbling sequence as long as you keep landing winning spins. Imagine the winning possibilities if a multiplier symbol lands during a tumble feature! You can get a shockingly-good reward for just a single spin.

Bonus Rounds

And, of course, what is a game without bonus rounds? Certainly not Gates of Olympus. Another perk we’d like to mention is the free spins. They are your best chance of winning big, and luckily, Gates of Olympus doesn’t shy away from awarding free spins. When just three scatter symbols land on the pay lines, you will receive three free spins rounds.

The more scatters you get, the more your bet multiplier increases. Moreover, you can use the ante bet feature to increase and trigger free spins in the game. You simply need to pay 25% more in a bet, and you get double the chance of earning a free spins bonus.


Of course, it’s only fair to discuss some of the setbacks of Gates of Olympus. We’ll tell you straight away that no game is perfect, so it’s normal for games to have a few downsides. Let’s take a look:

  • No Wilds: Wilds are some of the most popular winning symbols in slot games, but alas, Pragmatic Play has excluded them from this title. In other games, they usually stand in for other special symbols, allowing for more wins. But it’s only fair that Gates of Olympus doesn’t include this feature, considering the hundreds of pay lines they provide for players. If you are interested in trying a game with plenty of variations of wilds, we recommend checking out Testament by Play’n GO.
  • No Colossal Symbols: Colossal symbols are icons that expand to take up 2×2 or 3×3 spaces in the reels. They also aid players to win and can sometimes award free spins.
  • No Mini Games: Aside from playing free spins and enjoying an ante bet multiplier, you don’t get any other mini-games. Some gamers live for these noteworthy add-ons in games and might be disappointed to find Gates of Olympus doesn’t include them.

Other Engaging Slots You Can Try

Are you interested in trying other popular games at online casinos? Here are some of our other favourites and the reasons we think you’ll enjoy playing them. They pretty much have what Gates of Olympus lacks:

Final Thoughts

We hope you liked our breakdown of Gates of Olympus, its pros and cons, and its comparison to other casino slots. Keep in mind that no game will feature all possible bonus rounds and symbol types – after all, casinos are businesses, and if they just give money away from free mechanics, they aren’t benefiting much. Still, we believe slot games are incredibly fun, and it’s these differences that make titles stand out from each other. We wish you the best of luck, and may your spins bring you a fortune!

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