Gates of Olympus vs. Other Slots: Gameplay Comparison

gates of olympus comparison

Wondering how Gates of Olympus stacks up against other slot games? Read our game comparison to find out about gameplay, features and more!

In the thrilling world of online casinos, there are always new games to play. Gates of Olympus swept casino fans off their feet from the moment of its release in 2021. But how does this Pragmatic Play release compare to other major titles in the industry?

Wondering how Gates of Olympus stacks up against other slot games? Read our game comparison to find out about gameplay, features and more! We’ll put Gates of Olympus against two other popular slot games, namely Book of Ra and Mega Moolah. We’ll discuss the major differences between Gates of Olympus and other casino games so you can decide if it’s something you want to play. Let’s get started!

Gates of Olympus Slot Mechanics

While online slots, in their essence, are pretty similar, casino developers make sure they diversify games to keep players curious and satisfied. Aside from having different themes, online slots can also differ in their mechanics and slot features.

Mechanics are the behind-the-scenes details that give a hint about the gameplay and winning possibilities. For example, RNG is a mechanic that makes the game deliver random results. It stands for Random Number Generator, a piece of coding that delivers unbiased results. However, it’s not the only slot mechanic. Volatility, RTP, and a game’s pay lines tell us a lot about online slots’ winning ranges.


RTP is something every player should consider when choosing an online slot to play. It refers to the “return to player,” and it’s a statistical percentage calculated based on tens of thousands of spins. It can tell us how much a game pays out if we play it for a very long time. Since we are comparing Gates of Olympus against two other slots, check below to learn their individual RTPs:

Online SlotRTP
Gates of Olympus by Pragmatic Play96.5%
Book of Ra by Novomatic96%
Mega Moolah by Microgaming94.3%

So if we play Book of Ra, in theory, we should receive €96 for every €100 we spend. But, of course, as slots use RNG, we might experience bigger or smaller returns than that specified. After all, that is how you win great rewards at slot games! In general, you should strive to play games with high RTP so you have better chances of receiving wins.


Volatility is another game mechanic that can tell us about the game’s potential. High volatility means you will receive less frequent rewards in substantial amounts. In contrast, low volatility will reward frequent wins and in smaller proportions.

When it comes to choosing a slot, consider your personal preferences. Are you someone who enjoys the thrill and wouldn’t mind losing often in the name of big wins? Or do you like to play it safe and enjoy steady payouts in small amounts? You could also be somewhere in the middle, in which case medium volatility will be a good choice. Check below for information on Gates of Olympus and its competitors’ volatility:

Online Slot:Volatility:
Gates of OlympusHigh
Book of RaLow
Mega MoolahHigh


Paylines are the specific formations that symbols need to form in order to give you a reward. The more, the better. In the case of Gates of Olympus, there are 243, which means that as long as you hit the minimum number of symbols, you will win, whatever the combination. The combinations are also counted from left to right, not the other way around. Typically, slot games have fewer pay lines, ranging between 9 and 60. Let’s check out Gates of Olympus’ competitors:

  • Book of Ra: 9 pay lines
  • Mega Moolah: 25 pay lines

You’d think the developers would stop with the boosts here, but Gates of Olympus is jam-packed with boosters that can help you bag tremendous prizes.

Gates of Olympus Winning Boosters

Another instance where slot games differ is the winning boosters. These are the special features that developers add to games to help players win. The Gates of Olympus slot has four such boosters:

  • Tumble Feature: In each winning spin, the winning symbols disappear and roll off the reels, making way for new symbols and giving you an extra chance to win. If more winning symbols replace them, you can even create a tumbling sequence!
  • Free Spins: Collect at least three scatter symbols, and you will receive 5 free spins. Be lucky enough to align four scatter symbols or more on the reels, and you will get 15 free spins and a cash booster of up to €300.
  • Multiplier Symbols: Multipliers do what it says on the tin. They multiply your bet. When a multiplier symbol lands on the reels, it can award you between x2 and x500 times your stake, depending on the total multiplier value.
  • Ante Bet Feature: You have the option to increase your bets by paying an additional 25% for each wager. This will double your chances of landing a free spins bonus round and, consequently – landing bigger wins!

Looks good thus far, but what about Mega Moolah and Book of Ra? Let’s see what they have to offer.

Book of Ra

Book of Ra has a similar mythological theme, but it focuses on ancient Egypt. Created by Novomatic, it features the following bonus rounds:

  • Free Spins: Here, the free spins round is a little different. You have the option to sacrifice your free spins round to double your winnings. There’s a mini-game where you have a 50/50 chance, and you need to choose between two cards in order to win.
  • Wilds: Book of Ra has something that Gates of Olympus lacks, and that’s wild symbols. Here, the wilds can award you up to 5000 tokens.

Mega Moolah

Mega Moolah, also called the “Millionaire Maker,” is one of the most-played slot games worldwide. It’s very different from both Gates of Olympus and Book of Ra because it is a progressive jackpot slot. This means it has a massive jackpot waiting to be won. As each player joins the game and bets on the slot, they contribute to the overall prize pool. While Mega Moolah offers a massive prize, it also drops wins like a regular slot. Additionally, there are another 3 jackpots you can win aside from the grand prize:

  • Mini Jackpot: Starts at 10.00.
  • Minor Jackpot: Starts at 100.00.
  • Major Jackpot: Starts at €10000.00.
  • Mega Jackpot: Starts at €1,000,000.

The game has a single bonus feature – the free spins bonus round. You can trigger it with the monkey scatter symbol if you land a minimum of three. You can enjoy 15 free spins, but keep in mind that the scatter symbols will prevent you from winning the jackpot amount.

Aside from that, Mega Moolah doesn’t have any other bonus rounds. But it’s understandable, keeping in mind the exciting betting opportunities. In the past, some rewards have been so big that bettors entered the Guinness Book of World Records!

Final Thoughts

As you can see, even when put against some of the most popular games online, Gates of Olympus still fares pretty well. It has an above-average RTP and provides ample winning opportunities for its players. There are plenty of winning boosters, too, which can keep you entertained and excited. Best of all, unlike most popular slots, this one is brand-new and includes high-resolution graphics and mechanics.

If you are interested in trying Gates of Olympus, head over to our homepage and test it for free in demo mode. You don’t have to spend a single cent, and you get to try out all the incredible features we just listed.

Of course, you can always check out the other games we included in this blog post by visiting one of our recommended casinos! That way, you have a trusty way to reach some of the most reliable online betting sites currently on the market.

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